Do we still need the European Commission, which serves to strengthen the monopolies?

22 marca 2017 r.

MEP Ryszard Legutko is honoured to invite you

for a press conference entitled:

Do we still need the European Commission,
which serves to strengthen the monopolies?


The conference combined with the presentation of the POLICY INSIGHT report entitled

"(Un)fair Competition. Does EU Competition Law Favour Certain Countries”


According to the POLICY INSIGHT report , which will be presented at the conference, the European Commission is much more willing to deal with the complaint lodged by the countries of the so-called old Europe. Since 2004 it has not once sided with the company from the new member states, if the case concerned abuses of the position by the company from the old Union.

Such actions cause that many companies have huge problems in functioning. The complaint of Polish company FAKRO concerning the abuse of dominant position by the Danish company VELUX shall be presented at the conference as an example. It was filed to the European Commission in 2012. The company has gathered a few thousand pages of evidence showing the unfair practices that take place on the European roof windows market. Earlier, in similar and even less obvious cases, the European Commission imposed on the companies millions of dollars fines.

To this day, the European Commission has not addressed FAKRO matter, but only wrote back that it would not examine the complaint as it should devote too much time to this case!

During the conference, the FAKRO representatives shall submit a complaint against the European Commission to the European Ombudsman and the European Court of Justice, as well as a petition to the European Parliament.


March 29, 2017, 11.00 - 11.30

Anna Politkovskaya Room,

PHS 0A050 European Parliament, Brussels


 After the conference we kindly invite for refreshments


Broadcast live:


During transmission, one may enter questions
which will be asked at the press conference. The speakers will respond to them in real time!


RSVP: 24/03/2017, e-mail: contact@contacteurope.eu , tel .: +48 660 455 064